Acoustic Sniper Detection System

Acoustic Sniper Detection System

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TRSD-500 Acoustic detection system can detect the locations of flat trajectory weapons such as infantry rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns
in terms of distance and direction. The system, which can be easily detachable from the shoulder, can show the user the direction and distance
information of a fired shot with a mini screen and also gives an audible warning with the headset. The TRSD-500 System also works in
residential areas with background noises and in terrain areas with echo effects. Settings can be adjusted easily and quickly through the control
panel on the mini screen.

• Determines the location of the shot, its distance on the lateral and vertical axis
• The system works smoothly when personnel are in motion, standing still,
standing inclined or lying down.
• Mini screen and the integrated headset will warn the user visually and audibly.
Mini screen will also show the direction of where the shot has been fired.
• Can replay previous shots
• Lightweight and easily detachable from the ballistic vest
• With its system case, it is easy to carry or store.

• Detects shots up to 500 m
• The margin of maximum error in the distance is +/- 20%
• The margin of maximum error in the lateral is +/- 8%.
• Accuracy in determining the location of the shot is minimum > 85%.
• Shows the shooting location in metric system
• Detects shots passing from 1-25 m distance
• Through the USB interface on the screen, historical data can be obtained and new software can be loaded
• The long battery life will ensure the detector will work for at least 6 hours continuously.
• Device’s weight: <600g

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