Adjustable Counter Weight

Adjustable Counter Weight



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• Customizable weight management system designed to enhance helmet’s usage comfort and reduce neck strain by balancing the helmet for the devices mounted on front shroud.
• Consists of 5 pieces 2.5 oz. each removable stainless steel bars. Thanks to easy usage of elastic stripes quantity of steel bars can be adjusted according to the weight of device mounted on front shroud.
• The back side of the counterweight has hook side of velcro which is easily attached to the loop side of velcro that is on the helmet.
• Counter weight enables user of the helmet to move comfortably with night vision goggles, visor etc. mounted on front shroud.
• Loop side of Velcro at the back side of helmet easily attaches to the hook side of velcro of the counter weight thus ensures secure positioning even under harsh conditions.
• Counter weights come with fabric sleeves whose colors match the helmet colors.
• Weight: 2.5 oz. x 5 pcs stainless steel bars
• Dimensions: L: 1.1″ W: 0,7″
• Attachment: ByVelcro