Non Ballistic ACH Helmet

Non Ballistic ACH Helmet

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• Our ultra-light weight bump helmet shell is made of an extremely strong resin impregnated glass fiber.
• Superior protection against impacts
• High-cut, full-cut and mid-cut options are available.
• Helmet shell can be manufactured with or without air and water drain holes
• Side rails and shroud offer a platform for NVG, T-light, cameras and similar accessories.
• Modular and specially designed shock absorption inner-liner system offers maximum protection and comfort.
• Comfort pads that are located on top of the expanded polypropylene (EPP) liners are fixed with Velcro patches and can easily be replaced.
• 4 point harness with dial adjuster system and nape pad retention system provides a comfortable fit.
• There are Velcro patches located outside the shell for over the helmet accessories.
• Protects the operation personnel of search and rescue teams, military vehicle personnel, and people doing outdoor sports against impacts.
• As the accessory carriage rails and shroud are the same of those used on the ballistic protective helmets our non-ballistic helmets can be used for training purposes for ballistic protective helmet users.

  • Available Sizes : M – L – XL – XXL
  • Material : GLASS FIBER
  • Performance Standard : EN 1385
  • Blunt Impact Resistance DOT FMVSS 218 : Average Acceleration @ 10 ft/s < 100G
  • Retention System : 4 point, dial / adjuster / worm dial & nape pad
  • Available Colors : Black, Foliage Green, Tan, Military Green
  • Outer Surface Area (+/- 0.8 in²) : 168 – 175 – 190 – 199 in²
  • Helmet Weight (+/- 0.1 lbs) : 2.3 – 2.4 – 2.6 – 2.7 lbs*
  • Helmet weight includes: painted shell with edge band, suspension & retention systems and side rails.