NVA-13 IR With IR Illumination Night Vision Attachment

NVA-13 IR With IR Illumination Night Vision Attachment

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TV / NVA-13 is a Clip-On night vision device that allows the optical sight on the weapon to be used at night with the same settings and habits as daytime. With the reflective optical design compared to its counterparts, it is both smaller and lighter in size. It is a lightweight, compact, high-resolution image intensififier tube night vision attachment designed to use in a variety of military and law enforcement weapons mounted flush with an optical day sight.

The TV / NVA-13 provides night-time surveillance and target setting by condensing light that is less at night. It can be applied with various variable and variable magnifification daytime scopes without requiring zeroing. As an ultra-light, compact and robust product, it is designed to provide strength and high performance tested according to military standards.


  • Field of View : 13°
  • Magnification : 1x
  • Weight (without batteries) : 510g (1.125 lbs)
  • Dimensions (LxHxW) mm : 183x75x60 (7.2×2.95×2.36 in)
  • Focus Range : 10 meters(33 ft) to infinity
  • Battery : 1x AA Lithium or Alkaline
  • Battery Life : > 50 hours (with Lithium battery)
  • Infrared Illumination : Up to 500 meters ((1,650 ft) (optional))

Detection range for human size target (with GEN III GYT and 4x magnification)

  • Starlight : 1250m (4,100 ft)
  • Moonlight : 2100m (6,900 ft)

Compatibility with Scope Magnifications

  • Acceptable : 1-20x
  • Recommended : 3-12x
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