Quality Policy

Integrated Management Policy

  • Making end-to-end integrity the solid foundation of our company. We strive to achieve best business practices fueled by pride and promise to operate with ethical conduct in all company transactions.
  • Setting up to contribute to the US economy by providing life-saving products that are assembled and/or manufactured domestically. Our focus is to provide jobs through expansion while supplying high-quality products.
  • Supplying products and services manufactured and quality controlled according to military standards. We are developing a sub-industry capable of high-precision manufacturing.
  • Developing customized solutions for the design and production of electronic devices for use by law enforcement, the military, and civilians.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction at the highest level by continuously improving product and service quality. We aim to be a reputable and reliable company for our
  • Ensuring training and continuous development of all employees. We support teamwork, cooperation, and a proud work environment.
  • risk assessment in terms of integrated management systems of our products and processes. We want to determine the effects on the product, the environment, and our employees in advance, to eliminate the possible risks and work more efficiently.
  • Encouraging employees to contribute to the continuous improvement of the system through their opinions and suggestions.
  • Complying in all our activities with rules, legislation, and commercial and social ethics.
  • Taking care of our environment.

The management of TRV TECH, L.L.C., is committed to the implementation, development, and continuous improvement of our integrated management principles, which were established to meet these goals with utmost integrity.